Helping Everyone Live Longer Compilation (Cassette) LIMITED/ 100 [3 COLORS]

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In 2007, Gordon Riker & Kelly Wallace both tragically passed away in bike accidents in Boston, MA. Shortly after, friends of their's started a non-profit organization titled H.E.L.L. (Helping Everyone Live Longer). H.E.L.L. is a DIY group that primarily operates in Boston's punk and hardcore scene that both Gordon and Kelly were heavily involved in. H.E.L.L.'s main goal is to give out free helmets from donations while raising bike safety awareness.
This compilation features songs and artworks from Gordon and Kelly's friends, family, and favorite bands, as well as a few others who have lost someone close to them. Contributions are not just primarily from the Greater Boston area, but also Florida, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and Quebec. All proceeds from this compilation will go directly to helping keep H.E.L.L. alive.

Side A
01. No Submission - I Still Believe.
02. 108 - Into Her Arms
03. Attica! Attica! - You, The Music, and Me
04. Brian Marquis - '84 Rookie Card
05. Battle! - Brick
06. Jason Anderson - Don't Give Up Just Yet
07. Converge - On My Shield
08. Form & File - Mundane Pleasures
09. Last Excuse - Inhumane
10. Bullshit Tradition - The Invisible Hand
11. Trapper Keeper - It's Only 1,930 Miles To Austin
12. The Stereo State - Whalesounds
13. Foxfires - Nostrum
14. The Faux - Biology =/= Destiny
15. The First Annual - Like We Used To Do

Side B
01. Casey Desmond - Chilly Allston
02. Roadrage - North Star
03. Powerwolves - No God, Know Peace
04. Life & Limb - named must your fear be before banish it you can
05. Paint it Black - Bliss
06. Gone Bad - Let the Poison Out
07. Ten Thirty Nine - Edward Morgan Forster
08. Wolf Whistle - California Sun
09. Giant Target - Sandworm
10. Darkwoods - Bastard
11. Vanna - Every Bridge
12. Therefore I Am - Big Blue
13. Undark and The Radium Girls - It's the Arts

Watch VIdeo About Compilation Here:

HELL Compilation from hate5six on Vimeo.

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